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Protecting Our Environment

Since we are forever inspired by our surroundings, we ensure protecting our environment is also central to everything we do and embrace every opportunity to run the most sustainable distillery. Practices such as using solar panels to generate power, bottle refilling services and a boiler powered by Hydrogenated, Vegetable Oil, (HVO – old chip fat) to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 90%, all feed into our sustainable processes.

The Silent Pool

We contribute financially to the upkeep of the Silent Pool including funding the eradication of non-native weed from the pool and restoring and maintaining natural plant life in the pool and surrounding area.

The Stills

Our larger still, Ophelia, has a boiler that is fired by Hydro-treated Vegetable Oil (HVO), reducing greenhouse gas emissions by up to 90%. The still has a closed loop cooling system, using glycol, which is an anti-freeze liquid, to cool the still. The heat produced from distillation is stored and used to reheat the still for the next distillation.

Our original 350 litre still, Juliet, is heated using a repurposed steam boiler, The Major. It is fired by well-seasoned local hardwood, keeping fuel miles to a minimum.

Bees & Honey

We support our local bee community by sourcing honey locally from a neighbouring beekeeper.


Our solar panels on our south-facing distillery roof produce electricity which is fed into the national grid.

Upcycle, Recycle & Refill


We re-use any fit for purpose packaging such as pallets and cardboard boxes, and all cardboard and clear plastic is baled and recycled.

Upcycled Bottle Candles

We cut the used bottles and fill with soy wax and natural essential oils from the botanicals.


We switched from blow up bubble bag packaging to Flexi-hex recyclable packaging and our packaging nuggets are made from potato starch and are compostable.

Organic Waste

All of our liquid waste is used to create liquefied natural gas using an anaerobic process, this is then used to produce electricity which is fed back to the National Grid. The solid waste is made into fertiliser.

Refill Machine

Customers can bring bottles back to refill for a discount on purchase.

Wonky Fruit

To help reduce waste, we send our bald oranges to a Mandira’s Kitchen to make into chutney. Any wonky/unwanted fruit is used to make liqueurs and aperitivos.